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abt counseling services 

About abt counseling services

One of the most significant factors that help people succeed is having support.  Support may be found in family, friends, co-workers, or pastoral support, but sometimes we need a confidant outside of our usual circle.  Having someone that you can discuss your feelings and concerns in a trusting atmosphere can make a powerful impact on one's peace of mind and healing.  In addition, the experienced therapist can offer coping strategies that may provide a new perspective on a frustrating situation.

As an experienced licensed clinician (LCSW) and registered nurse (RN), I provide individual therapy for adolescents, adults, and seniors with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, mood disorders, parental and relationship issues, ADD / ADHD as well as the help you need to get things back on track when life presents an unexpected obstacle.  With my extensive experience in mental health nursing, I can also assist with any questions you may have regarding pharmacology, tests, therapies and treatment options. Call today and let’s get started.

To schedule an appointment, please call:   636-238-3384 for the Chesterfield office and 636-939-2550 for the Saint Peters office